The Manors, Part 2

Story by Rebecca Zornow Photo Credit to Nolan Issac on Unsplash I hope you enjoyed the first installment of The Manors last month. Part 2, the final piece of this story, is posted down below. Before you start reading, I want to congratulate Adriana M. from Wisconsin on winning the signed No. 1 Ladies’ Detective … Continue reading The Manors, Part 2

Canine Repentance

CANINE REPENTANCE By Nicole Van Den Eng I opened the front door because something was scratching at it. The sensor light on my porch flicked on. I opened my door to the twilight. Over my front lawn, across a lonely country road, the distance was quiet. My brow creased. Something brushed over my calves. I … Continue reading Canine Repentance

Let’s Talk Books

Welcome to NICOLE & REBECCA CONQUER BOOKS. We've been conquering books for a while now: reading books and working with them, writing and sharing our stories with each other, and learning all we can about book collecting, the publishing industry, book trends, and the most addictive authors....Click the photo above to read more.