Build a Dynamic Plot Using a Beat Sheet

You know in Jurassic Park when Dr. Grant walks into his dig site trailer to find Hammond’s already made himself at home and it was his helicopter that threatened to rebury the dinosaur skeleton? That’s the Catalyst. Once Grant and Hammond meet, there’s no going back. Only onward to the island of dinos and dangers. In Aladdin, it’s when he meets Jasmine, the princess who is trying to escape her royal life. In Taken, Liam Neeson’s daughter leaves the country. In The Hunger Games, it’s when Katniss’ sister is chosen as tribute and Katniss must volunteer to trade places.

Each one of these moments is a Catalyst—it’s a dramatic moment that sets off a whole chain of events for the rest of the story…

You can read the rest of this useful post for writers and storytellers up at…  Pepper Writes! Pepper invited me to guest blog for her this week and I encourage you to stop by Pepper’s website to finish reading my post there and peruse the rest of her writing blog.

Pepper Writes


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