Wanderers // Review

One morning, Shana’s younger sister walks out the front door, apparently sleepwalking in what will be the first of hundreds of cases across the United States, but Shana only knows her sister needs her protection on the road. An artificial intelligence known as Black Swan does everything it can to bring Benji, a disgraced, former CDC official, to the growing crowd of sleepwalkers. The country watches as the walkers march from one coast to another in the midst of a Presidential election. The army is poised to use force and an underground militia is ready to defend their country from what they’ve deemed as Satan’s Pilgrims. But at this shift in the world as we know it, is the country looking in the wrong direction?

If you like end of the world stories, artificial intelligence, pop culture references, pandemics, King’s The Stand, and memes, you need to read this.

Let us know if this video helped you decided whether to read the book, or share what you thought of Wanderers in the comments.

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3 thoughts on “Wanderers // Review

  1. Good review. I missed it when you first released and read the book a week or two ago. Totally agree that he captures so many social elements but it doesn’t come across as too preachy. Great characters and excellent writing, my only gripe was wanting to get it finished as it’s a pretty weighty tome in hard back.

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    1. I’m glad you liked it too, and yes, it was hefty to carry around. I’d never read a Wendig book before, but I definitely will add him to my list because Wanderers was so impressive. The book was a stunning reflection of life today. -Rebecca


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