Book like the Pros

Let’s talk all things books. We’ll post articles about writing, editing, book collecting, nerd fests of upcoming new releases, and other special topics.

Good Reads

Find your next book with our Recent Reads Guide 14 new books for you to fall in love with.

Craft Talks

Depth of Character details some of Nicole’s character building process and gives relevant tips and resources suggestions.

Build a Dynamic Plot Using a Beat Sheet is a guest blog post by Rebecca on Pepper Writes. Learn how to use a Beat Sheet to make your storytelling stronger.

Plotting at the Desk of Genre is where Nicole talks about breaking expectations in what we read and write. Genre can be restricting while life can be messy – they don’t always mesh.

The Writer’s Life

The Write Life: Word Counts and Work Places by Rebecca about what motivates writers, their goals, and where they work. Photos galore!

The Fuel Behind the Passion by Nicole. Discover what keeps her bookish heart ticking and why literature is so important in our society.

In A Different Life + Signed Book Giveaway written by Rebecca about her life and blog as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Swaziland.