Nicole VanDenEng, has worked as a bookseller and acquisition expert for eight years. She earned her Associate’s Degree in English.

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I am an absolute book nerd. The best job I’ve had thus far in my life was at a used bookstore where I spent my days sifting through various titles and learning as many author names as I could memorize.

Between the bookstore, co-writing a memoir, and nearly three decades of enthusiasm, I’ve learned a lot about books. This includes: plotting, writing, editing, binding, design, publishing, marketing, selling, reading, analysis, review, and resale.

My longest work to-date is the memoir written with my sister, Rebio photo 2becca. We detailed our upbringing in an overly strict church, our coming-of-age years, and the crucial role books played in both our lives. Books liberated us, as books have the power to do. Books are boundless in scope and have an unmeasured capacity to change lives.

The genre I write in is a lesser recognized but growing genre called Weird Fiction. It is as it sounds. You may find yourself reading my stuff and saying, “Well, that was weird.” Which is precisely the goal. I use stories to speculate on things that may never happen in your real life, but maybe could if you opened your eyes up a little bit wider. Or shut them a little bit tighter.

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I have written hundreds of thousands of words and am currently trying to mold them into readable things. I purchase, price, and sell used books in a local bookstore. I read like my career is at stake and I aim to soon trek into the world of publishing. If I do these things well, I may actually find myself fortunate enough someday to get paid to sit down and write.

I am a Wisconsin native nostalgic for the North Woods. Besides books, I also enjoy cooking, camping, and treasure hunting. I live in a yellow house with my husband, two kiddos, and a Basset Hound.

And finally, thank you for visiting our page. Thank you because the most crucial thing that makes a writer is a reader.

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Nicole’s favorite authors (in no particular order):

China Mieville

David Mitchell

Neil Gaiman

Clive Barker

Storm Constatine

Stephen King

Charles De Lint

Jeff VanderMeer

Philip K Dick

Robert Anton Wilson

Grant Morrison


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