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I am an absolute book nerd. The best job I’ve had thus far in my life was at a used bookstore where I spent my days sifting through various titles and learning as many author names as I could memorize.

After three decades of enthusiasm, I’ve learned a lot about books and I share it all here, on Conquer Books. Are you an avid reader? A passionate writer? Maybe looking to grow in either of these fields? Conquer Books with us because dammit we’re going to conquer those books like we conquer chocolate.

My genres of choice are fantasy, weird, and horror. I use stories to speculate on things that may never happen in your real life, but maybe could if you opened your eyes up a little bit wider (or shut them a little bit tighter).

Some of Nicole’s short fiction:
Wintertide and Eve: a chillingly good poem
Canine Repentance: creepy, yet rectifying
The Mites of Hilarity: Part One of an outlandish comedy
The Mites of Hilarity: Part Two of a humorous flight
A Remorseless Hum: A fable

I have written hundreds of thousands of words and am currently trying to mold them bio photo 2into readable things. My sister, Rebecca, and I wrote a memoir together that detailed our upbringing in an overly strict church, our coming-of-age years, and the crucial role books played in both our lives. Books liberated us, as books have the power to do. Books are boundless in scope and have an unmeasured capacity to change lives.

This is the edge with which I blog. Books are inherently valuable and being well-read is a desirable trait; but more than that, books have the power to change how we think. I bring you the most cutting-edge authors I can find, pioneering works that stretch your imagination past limits you didn’t know you had.

At Conquer Books, you’ll not only find a broad scope of good reads, but books that will challenge you, teach you, entertain you, and give you lots to talk about.

And finally, thank you for visiting our page. Thank you because the most critical thing that makes a writer is a reader.

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