Rebecca’s Prose

Archive of Rebecca’s Writing:

The Manors – Part 1 An urban fantasy short story about a girl and a….house.

The Manors – Part 2 The last installment of The Manors.

The Midnight Waddler A short, humorous story about a family and their nighttime woes.

Prepper in Demand – Part 1 What happens when a neighborhood blackout leaves some families less prepared than others?

Preppers Exposed – Part 2 A secret stash of food in the middle of a community crisis can only stay secret for so long.

Preppers Without – Part 3 They were prepared for any emergency. Except for themselves.

Other Blogs

Two Years in the Kingdom Blog The blog my husband and I kept during our two-year Peace Corps service in Swaziland. Tales of primary school students and African animals abound.

Lydia and Madeline Blog A blog my family kept during a long, heart wrenching hospital stay surrounding the birth of my twins, Lydia and Madeline.

Newspaper Articles

These volunteers find joy and friendship amid the arts A Post Crescent article about my experiences volunteering for the Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass and Fox Valley Sinfonia.

North Carolina Trail Story (pg 9) A story about my mom and siblings backpacking on the Appalachian Trail.

News from the Nations (pg 13, under Rachel Zarnow) A piece comparing Native American life and Swaziland and how I helped bridge the gap in a small way.